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Electrical Wire Threader

Electrical Wire Threader
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Scope of application

Electrical Wire Threader is made of imported spring steel plastic raw materials, with high strength, high elasticity, high toughness, durable wear, not broken, moisture-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, flame retardant, weather aging resistance, anti-ultraviolet, anti-UV radiation, Electrical Wire Threader has smooth surface can not have rough, easy and safe to use.

Product Features

1. Made of imported special plastic steel, just in the soft, durable wear;
2. Steel wire + steel bullet, high cornering capacity, easy to use;
3. Wear-resistant, durable, anti-large pull;
4. Suitable for cable, wiring and other wiring installation.


First of all, laying a reasonable trend to the wire tube (The elbow is best to bend with pipe bender), then fix wire tube. Next, thread any end of the Electrical Wire Threader through the tube, and then pull out a small section of Electrical Wire Threader from the other end of the tube. Then, tie wires and Electrical Wire Threader that need access to the tubes together with electrical tape, a number of wires need to enter the same wire tube, twist them together, wrap with electrical tape.

(Note: Link to 10cm or so, wire can not be directly fixed on the threader head, it is so easy to pull off the head.)

Model Threader diameter mm Warhead diameter mm Length m
ET-1 1 1.5 10
ET-2 2 3 20
ET-3 3 4 20
ET-4 4 5 40