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Why are nylon cable ties easy to break and how to solve it?

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2020-03-02

When using nylon cable ties, do you think so: it will become very brittle under low temperature working conditions or after winter, which is actually a very normal phenomenon.

What is the specific reason why nylon cable ties are easily brittle?

The main component of nylon cable ties is plastic, and plastic is an aggregate of macromolecules. The characteristic of macromolecules is that the movement will slow down when the temperature is low, and the movement will be accelerated when the temperature is high. In winter or at low temperature, the molecular movement is slow. When the nylon cable tie is subjected to external force, the object will deform. Due to the slow molecular movement, the external force will not be easily transmitted (equal internal stress) or consumed (molecular chain friction), so It is easy to generate internal stress concentration. When the internal stress reaches a certain level, the macromolecules will break, causing cracks. The cracks will cause the internal stress to be concentrated and propagate, and the nylon cable tie will break.

How to solve this kind of problem?

The first method is to add special materials of small molecules to the production of nylon cable ties to enhance the force transmission effect of plastic molecules during movement, but this method can only be applied to some special industries due to its high cost. For example, the research of high-tech materials and technologies that require a safe and stable working environment is related to fire safety systems. The second method, under low temperature conditions, if nylon cable ties are used in our daily life, we can first perform simple preheating, such as covering the heat by hand, or using a heater to briefly heat it. The third method is when using nylon cable ties, try to stabilize the amplitude and force during use, so that the force transmission between plastic molecules is uniform.

to sum up:
These three methods are currently the most mainstream and most effective methods, which can effectively reduce the accidental wear of nylon cable ties. In fact, it is not only applicable to nylon cable ties, all plastic products are universal.