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Effective Ways to Improve the Transparency of nylon cable tie

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2019-05-29

At present, the colors of nylon cable tie are yellow, white, black, blue and so on, but with the development of the plastic industry, the transparency of the head is widely valued by manufacturers. After all, the pure and transparent cable ties will bring people a sense of beauty and pleasure in use. So, how can we improve the transparency of nylon cable ties? Here are some possible ways to improve the transparency of nylon cable ties.
Primarily, we have to make a simple understanding of the transparency principle of nylon cable tie. The fundamental operation is to reduce the crystal cleanliness, control the quality of cleanliness, improve the refractive index and reduce the birefringence. Therefore, in order to effectively reduce the crystallinity, it is necessary to add nucleating agent to improve the transparency of plastics. At present, this is the only effective way to increase the transparency of transparent resin. Its main function is that the resin can play the role of nucleation, thus promoting the crystallization of small molecular substances, so as to improve the clean quality and refractive index. In addition, the transparency of plastics can be improved by blending. Through the blending effect of two resins, some transparent plastics products can be doped, and other resins can be added into transparent resins to effectively improve the transparency.