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Characteristics of Plastic Nylon Strip with Good Quality

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2019-05-25

Nylon cable tie has the advantages of convenient, fast and firm binding, and has already replaced the traditional cable tieping line for binding articles. With the rapid development of industry and agriculture in our country, people attach great importance to the fast pace. In industry and agriculture, goods can be quickly tied up and efficiency can be greatly provided. Therefore, the development of cable ties is very fast, and various types of cable ties quickly occupy the whole market. But for the vast majority of cable tie consumers, they do not know how to judge the quality of cable tie at the time of purchase, which tangles a lot of laymen. So today we will tell you how to distinguish the good and bad quality of the ties.
1. By observing the appearance of nylon cable ties, the appearance and color of products with good quality are very uniform, and there is no impurity embedded in them. For the bad quality tie, there are many bubbles, impurities, notches and burning phenomena in the product.
2. Observe the occlusal teeth of the cable tie, see if they are neat, and scratch them with fingernails to see if they are deformed. For easily deformed and irregular occlusal teeth, the binding of articles is not firm, and the good quality of the tied belt occlusal teeth are regular and not easy to deform.
3. Look at the product instructions and see what materials they are made of. For some inferior materials, their own characteristics are extremely bad, easy to break, easy to aging and short service life. It is suggested that the plastic tie made of nylon 66 should be selected. The tie made of nylon 66 has high strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance and cold resistance, strong bearing capacity, not easy to aging and long service life.
4. By testing the strength of the plastic tie, you can pull it slightly but not very hard.Too much force is also very easy to break cable tie, for different specifications of nylon cable tie with its bearing capacity is also different, so to see the actual situation, if the cable tie is very easy to break, then the product is certainly not qualified.
5. See if the product brand is a well-known brand, and how much or the quality of the famous brand is guaranteed.
6. To see whether the product has a quality certification trademark, the qualified product is inspected by the Quality Supervision Bureau.