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What kinds of Waterproof Cable Glands are made of?

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Waterproof Cable Glands are classified from materials. Metals usually include brass nickel-plated and stainless steel Waterproof Cable Glands, nylon Waterproof Cable Glands and wire-to-plate Waterproof Cable Glands. Next, the specific conditions of different types of Waterproof Cable Glands are introduced, so that users can choose better according to their own needs in practice.

Metal Waterproof Cable Glands, commonly known as metal cable Gram head, metal cable fixed head, metal cable locking head, metal filler box.
There are many kinds of metal Waterproof Cable Glands. According to the different materials, they can be roughly divided into two categories: Copper Waterproof Cable Gland and 304 stainless steel Waterproof Cable Gland.
The first type is Copper Waterproof Cable Gland. And Copper Waterproof Cable Gland can be divided into: 1. ordinary single-hole type; 2. ordinary porous type; 3. ordinary flat-hole type; 4. explosion-proof type; 5. torsional metal Cable Gland; 6. anti-magnetic wave shielding type; 7. double locking type; 8. metal hose Waterproof Cable Gland; 9. plastic hose Waterproof Cable Gland.

The second type is Stainless Steel Waterproof Cable Gland. The installation function of Stainless Steel Waterproof Cable Gland can be divided into: 1. ordinary single hole type; 2. explosion-proof type.
Protection grade of metal waterproof Cable Gland: add waterproof ring, in the prescribed range of clamp, up to IP68. Its thread specifications are divided into four categories: metric M, German PG, British G and American NPT.
Nylon waterproof Cable Glands are widely used in the market at present. There are many companies that produce and operate Nylon waterproof Cable Glands, but they are basically micro-enterprises mainly based on workshops, and the quality of products is not uniform. Before, Zhongshan Ancient Town was the representative, but in the fierce market competition, only a small part of the factory is still specializing in waterproof lines, many manufacturers are only reduced to supporting processing workshops. Due to the lack of moulds, many small workshops can only produce one or two waterproof lines, which are not competitive in the market. This kind of workshop belongs to a special manufacturer, and is a matching workshop specially for a lamp factory to process and produce waterproof Cable Glands.
Line-to-plate waterproofing Cable Gland has been realized from strip to assembly production. Our company is a company focusing on waterproofing line production and operation. At present, we have completed the research and development of a series of waterproofing Cable Gland, and developed several hundred sets of various moulds including large function and small power. The company has developed all kinds of waterproof Cable Glands with complete specifications, and has completed the relevant quality certification. The main specifications of waterproof Cable Glands are divided into two categories, namely, PG model and M model. These two models are completely different in size and can be applied to different specifications of cables. The main types of PG include: PG7, PG9, PG11, PG16, PG19, PG21, PG25, PG29, PG36, PG42, PG48, PG63; the main types of M include M8, M10, M12, M16, M18, M20, M22, M27, M30, M36, M40, M46, M50, M58, etc.
It is hoped that when choosing and purchasing, users will differentiate them according to their actual needs, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses caused by errors in choosing and purchasing.