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What are the measures to improve the quality of cable glands

Promulgator : DIHAODate : 2019-01-18Views :

The measures to improve the quality of PG Cable Gland are different because of the different environment and operation mode of cross-linked cable joints, the different electrical equipments and locations connected, and there is a great choice in the material, structure and installation technology of cable accessories. However, the basic properties of various accessories are the same. Therefore, the following measures should be strengthened to improve the quality of cable joints:

1. Cable accessories with advanced technology, mature technology, reliable quality and adaptability to the environment and conditions used must be selected. Cable Gland Manufacturers must resolutely resist counterfeit and inferior PG Cable Gland. We should focus on testing new technologies, new processes and new products, constantly summarize and improve them, and gradually popularize and apply them year by year.

2. Connecting fittings with good material, specifications and cross-section meet the requirements and can operate safely and reliably. For terminal, oil plugging type should be chosen as far as possible, because the terminal generally has large cross-section, can reduce heat, but also can effectively solve moisture-proof sealing. Connecting pipes shall be machined by copper rod or 1 # aluminium lathe, and the specifications and sizes shall be in accordance with the diameter of the core of the cross-linked cable. In recent years, pressure nozzles for cross-linked cable joints provided by Changsha and Shenyang Cable Factory Accessories Factory have achieved good results.

3. Cable Gland Manufacturers choose the Press-joint machine with large tonnage, good die matching, sufficient pressure pit area, and the Press-joint effect can meet the technical requirements. Do the interface treatment before pressing and apply conductive paste.

4. The training technology is skilled, skilled, conscientious and responsible, and can be competent for cable technicians in cable construction, installation and operation and maintenance. Improve the construction staff's understanding of cross-linked cable, enhance the understanding of the characteristics of cross-linked cable accessories, research technology, improve technology, formulate construction specifications, strengthen quality control, ensure safe operation.

5. In the installation process, the cable is laid by brackets and ditches, and the direct burial method is not used as far as possible. Even if the cable is directly buried, the middle head is prohibited.

6. Ensure that the drainage facilities in the ditch are good, and that no long-term immersion of cross-linked cables in water is allowed.

How to Use Waterproof PG Cable Gland in Stone Cutting
Many waterproof joints have been used in various fields slowly, and in recent years, a new kind of special-shaped stone has become popular in our country. This kind of stone which needs processing machinery is naturally inseparable from waterproof joints. And these intelligent numerical control waterproof joint equipment are very advanced, can cut stone more quickly. These inventions can obviously inject a new vitality into our waterproof joint industry. These hoses do not cause errors and are very practical.
What we call special-shaped stone processing equipment, in fact, largely refers to the use of those original technologies to innovate, and then to the advanced technology of special-shaped stone processing equipment at home and abroad, so that they can be used creatively. Cable Gland Manufacturers can also use full-featured computer numerical control systems to innovate these hoses.