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Effective Ways to Improve the Transparency of Nylon Cable Tie

Promulgator : DIHAODate : 2019-01-16Views :

At present, the color of nylon ribbon on the market is yellow, white, black, blue and so on, but with the development of the plastic industry, the transparency in the middle is widely valued by Cable Ties Manufacturer. After all, the pure and transparent ribbon products will bring people a sense of beauty and pleasure in use. So, how can we improve the transparency of nylon ribbon? Here are some possible ways to do this.

First of all, we have to make a simple understanding of the transparency principle of nylon banding. The fundamental operation is to reduce the crystal cleanliness, control the quality of cleanliness, improve the refractive index and reduce the birefringence. Therefore, in order to effectively reduce the crystallinity, it is necessary to add nucleating agent to improve the transparency of plastics. At present, this is the only effective way to increase the transparency of transparent resin. Its main function is that the resin can play the role of nucleation, thus promoting the crystallization of small molecular substances, so as to improve the clean quality and refractive index. In addition, the transparency of plastics can be improved by blending. Through the blending effect of two resins, some transparent plastics products can be doped, and other resins can be added into transparent resins to effectively improve the transparency.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a tie?

Because stainless steel bandage has many characteristics, such as fast binding, good insulation, self-locking, easy to use and so on, it is very suitable for the binding of bulk goods, especially between some equipment and accessories. Common banding quality has a great impact on its binding effect, especially its material properties have a great relationship with service life and self-locking. So as consumers, what should we pay attention to when choosing tie-up to ensure its best use effect and enjoy the most comprehensive after-sales service of manufacturers?

Product performance

In order to ensure that the use of stainless steel straps can present the fastest strapping and fastening time between components, it is necessary to ensure that the best quality self-locking straps are selected. Therefore, when purchasing a cable tie, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the properties and characteristics of the material removed, such as the length and size of the tie, the products and environment used, and its aging resistance and elasticity.

Manufacturer's Technical Strength

Choosing and purchasing China Cable Tie also needs to pay attention to the technical strength, production level and operation scale of their manufacturers. Because only large-scale tie-up manufacturers will have advanced technology, use imported equipment for standardized production, while Cable Ties Manufacturer with the already operating scale can naturally guarantee product transportation and after-sales and many other services.

Manufacturer's after-sales service

Because large-scale purchasing of China Cable Tie involves many problems such as transportation, delivery date, order quantity and so on, when choosing stainless steel tie-up manufacturer, we should communicate in detail those after-sales service information that the manufacturer can provide, and strive for more services for ourselves, such as prolonging maintenance time, ensuring that technical problems can be solved at home, and how to comprehensively change the quality of products and services.

It can be known that purchasing cost-effective China Cable Tie requires attention to the quality of its manufacturers and products from various levels of information, such as the surface treatment process of stainless steel tie and the performance determination of raw materials, the technical operation and management scale of manufacturers and the information of after-sales service provided. Only by purchasing high quality and reliable stainless steel straps can we achieve the fastening effect of the most solid and long-term components. At the same time, before the pre-sale and after-sale service of Cable Ties Manufacturer, we can get timely communication and technical help for any products about strapping, which greatly reduces the failure and abnormality caused by the weak straps.