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Inspection Method of Cable Ties

Promulgator : CUZEDate : 2019-01-11Views :

At present, there are many cable joints manufactured by many enterprises in the market. There are many kinds of cable joints with different quality. Cable Ties Manufacturer will discuss the inspection methods of cable joints together.

1. Look at the conductor. The conductor is glossy, the DC resistance and the size of the conductor conform to the national standards. Wire and cable products that meet the requirements of national standards, whether aluminium conductor or copper conductor, are relatively bright, no oil pollution, so the DC resistance of conductor fully conforms to national standards, has good conductivity and high safety.

2. Measure the length of wire and cable. Length is the main intuitive method to distinguish fake and inferior products which meet the requirements of national standards. When choosing and purchasing, don't be greedy for cheapness. Choose wires and China Cable Tie whose actual metre number is less than its nominal metre number. The length must correspond to the nominal metre number. The state stipulates that the allowable error per 100 meters is (+0.5 meters).

3. Check the CCC certification label of Cable Ties Manufacturer. Cable joint products are compulsory national safety certification products. All production enterprises must obtain CCC certification from China Electrical Products Certification Committee, and have CCC certification mark on the certification or products.

4. Look at the inspection report. Cable connectors, as products affecting personal and property safety, have always been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection. Regular manufacturers are subject to periodic inspection by supervision departments. Therefore, vendors should be able to provide quality inspection department inspection reports, otherwise, the quality of wire and cable products is lack of basis.

5. Look at the appearance. The product has smooth appearance and uniform color. In order to improve the quality of products and ensure that products meet the requirements of national standards, wire and cable enterprises that meet the requirements of national standards strictly control the selection of raw materials, production equipment and production process. Therefore, the appearance of the wire and China Cable Tie meets the standard requirements, smooth and round, uniform color. The appearance of fake and inferior products is rough and dull. For rubber insulated flexible cables, the appearance is round and the sheath, insulation and conductor are not easy to peel off. The fake and inferior products have rough appearance, large ovality and low insulation strength, so they can be torn open by hand.

6. Look at the packaging. All Cable Ties Manufacturer that produce products in accordance with the national standards pay great attention to product packaging. When choosing and purchasing, we should pay attention to exquisite packaging, clear printing, complete model specifications, factory name and site.

Because the production of nylon China Cable Tie is batch production, it is inevitable that a little unqualified products will be mixed in the production, so we need to pay special attention to quality issues when selecting. Secondly, in choosing nylon strap, we need to estimate the length and diameter of the strap according to the diameter of the object to be strapped. The length of the strap is * 5, which is generally just right. It doesn't matter if it is longer, it must not be short. In general, 3mm can withstand about 7kg of tension, 4mm is about 15kg, 5mm is about 20kg. Check whether there are any burrs on the nylon tie, whether the serrated teeth are complete and neat, and whether there are any defects in the lock at the perforation, etc.