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Usage, Characteristics and Preparations of Cable Plug before Processing

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Cable plug has a wide range of applications. It is mainly applicable to all kinds of digital program-controlled exchanges of transmission equipment bureau, internal connection of photoelectric transmission equipment and signal transmission between wiring racks, and for transmission of power supply, signal, data, audio, video and other communication equipment. The sheath is made of flame retardant material with high safety factor. Lilutong cable plugs are manufactured by advanced technology, which makes the flame retardant and anti-uniformity of cables better, and multi-core cables make the laying of machine frame more convenient.

Preparations for cable plugs before processing:
Tools needed for cable plug inspection (scale, inner hexagonal wrench, tap, plate file, hand saw, blade or electric knife, special metal scissors, hammers, sand cloth, sharp nozzle pliers, nozzle pliers, screwdrivers, copper brushes, special installation tools) should be in good condition.

Many customers asked what the cable plug shielding and non-shielding means respectively. Simply put, if the cable plug is metal case, it is usually shielded; if the cable plug is plastic case, before injection, the conductive copper foil is coated inside, it is also shielded plug. The purpose of shielding is to improve the performance of EMC.

Waterproof Connector: 3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector is a kind of connector. It is widely used in modern industry, especially in outdoor LED lamps and LED display. Waterproof connectors are usually installed (partially fixed) on cables or industrial equipment. They are separable components for signal transmission or power transmission.

Compared with ordinary connectors, 3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector have the performance of waterproof and dust-proof, which can be applied to water or humid environment. The waterproof and dust-proof performance is classified by IP grade, and IP68 has the highest waterproof grade. In particular, it should be emphasized that the waterproof connector used in outdoor environment should be at least IP67, while the waterproof connector used in underwater environment should be above IP68 for various considerations. As for the specific type of waterproof connector to be selected, it should be considered from the underwater use time or water depth and other aspects.

There are various combinations of 3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector, which can be divided into threaded type, mesh tail type, docking type, panel type and so on.

The basic structure of the 4 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector is described below.
There are four basic structural components of waterproof connector: 1. contact parts; 2. insulator; 3. shell; 4. accessories.

1. Contacts: Contacts are the core components of waterproof connectors, which are equivalent to human heart. Water-proof connectors rely on contacts to complete the connection between power supply and signal.

2. Insulator: Insulator can also be called base or mounting plate. The function of insulator is to arrange the adjacent contacts reasonably according to the required positions and spacing, so as to play the role of bridge and control. The insulators for 4 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector produced by Dongluo Electronics are mostly thermoplastic nylon, thermoplastic PVC and thermoplastic ABS.

3. Shell: It's easy to understand that the shell is the "leather coat" that wraps the connector and protects it. In addition to the protection function, the most important use of connector housing is the fixed function: it provides the principle of calibration for the two interconnected heads and the mother head, and can match the mouth without deviation, all of which is the merit of the housing. In particular, the waterproof performance of waterproof connectors is closely related to the error of the shell, and of course, to the silica gel ring between them. The shell materials of 4 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector produced by Dongluo Electronics include nylon PA66/PVC and so on.

4. Accessory: Accessories are other functional parts of connectors, including structural accessories and installation accessories. For example: positioning key, connection ring, cable clamp, silicone rubber ring, screw, nut, screw, etc.