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Cautions for Installation and Use of Waterproof Cable Gland

Promulgator : CUZEDate : 2019-01-07Views :

Cable waterproof joint can be applied to the environment with water to provide safe and reliable connector joint, the most important of which is to achieve waterproof effect, so what should be paid attention to in the installation and use of cable waterproof joint?

1. Choose the suitable connector material according to the type and specification of cable connector. Nowadays, the quality of cable connector material is uneven. But in order to ensure the quality of cable connector, it is suggested that we should not be greedy for low price, and we should choose the material of Cable Gland Manufacturers with reliable quality.

2. It's better not to choose rainy days when cable joints are used, because cable water inflow will seriously affect the service life of cable, and even lead to short-circuit accidents.

3. Before making cable waterproof joint, we must read the Cable Gland Manufacturers's product instructions carefully. This is especially important for 10 kV and above cables. Before doing this, we should think about all the procedures before doing it.

4. For the terminal joints of single-core armored cables above 10kV, it is important to remember that only one end of the steel belt can be grounded.

5. Copper pipe can not be pressed too hard, as long as it is pressed into position, there will be many bumps on the copper end after pressing. This must be smoothed with a file, and no burrs can be left.

6. When using the blowtorch, the heat shrinkable cable joint should pay attention to the movement of the blowtorch, not to the continuous blowtorch in only one direction.

7. Dimensions of cold-shrinkable cable joints must be made in strict accordance with the drawing instructions, especially when the support in the reserved tube is withdrawn, more care should be taken.

Advantages of Cable Joints

Why does PG Cable Gland have a high market share? Why has sales continued to rise for more than a decade? Simply put, this is inseparable from the basic advantages of cable joints. It can be found that in the past few years, the market demand for this kind of joint products is increasing. What advantages does cable joint have?

First of all, PG Cable Gland have high efficiency and fast production efficiency. This kind of joint products can be produced continuously, and the output can be adjusted at any time, depending on the actual needs of customers.

Secondly, the joint products of different materials have excellent thermal conductivity and good thermal performance. In addition, the joint products of different materials also have strong water-proof and moisture-proof performance. The closure rate is as high as 90%. It will never increase the thermal conductivity because of moisture absorption. The overall performance is very outstanding.

At this stage, such joints also have the advantages of flame retardant, high temperature resistance, fire protection and other performance advantages, even when burned, they will not emit toxic gases. With excellent thermal insulation performance, even after a long period of wind and rain, it will not easily crack, deformation and other situations, with a super deformation resistance.

In addition, it can be found that in autumn and winter, the freeze resistance and sound absorption performance of such cable joints are better, adhere to the basic daily maintenance measures, service life can be up to 30 years or so.

Moreover, the price of PG Cable Gland made of different materials is more affordable in production and processing, which meets the concept of environmental protection and energy saving in the 21st century and the economic standards of most consumers.

Nowadays, a lot of cable joint products of different models and brands have been introduced on the market. It is suggested that we should buy the joint products from regular professional Cable Gland Manufacturers, which can not only guarantee the quality, but also make the price more reasonable, so that the consumers can use the most reasonable price to buy the best quality products, and the use effect and life are better.