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Solution to the stain of plastic cable tie

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Plastic cable tie is formed by injection moulding of Engineering plastics, which makes the plastic cable tie have the characteristics of very strong tensile strength. People demand more and more plastic cable tie products. Plastic cable tie has many advantages. It has good adaptability to any environment. Plastic tie-up products have been tested and certified by UL, and at some temperatures. There will be no damage in the environment of high degree. In the production of plastic cable ties, there will be stains, which requires us to solve effectively. The pressure and angle of equipment for producing plastic tie-ups should be adjusted properly, otherwise the life of the plastic cable ties produced will not be long.

There are many Cable Ties Suppliers that do not have good control over printing, so there are sundry stains. What are the reasons and solutions for this? Now Cable Ties Suppliers will tell you about it, for your study and reference.

When printing plastic China Cable Tie, the place where the plastic cable ties are placed will not change because the scraper fluctuates randomly. It can be seen that the plastic tie-ups are caused by some coarse particles in the ink of the dye, which make the scraper fluctuate to the top. There is no way to shake the particles, which makes the printing tie-ups malfunction. In fact, it is relatively easy to solve this kind of malfunction, as long as it is used. Screen to filter the dye ink on it, after the filter is good to see if the scraper is damaged, if the scraper is not damaged, you can continue to print the plastic cable tie.

Sometimes in the process of printing, China Cable Tie is unavoidable that there will be some size differences in the production of tie-ups. At this time, it is necessary to maintain the mechanical equipment. It is necessary to pay attention to the wear and tear of the machine which produces tie-ups for a long time. If the wear is serious, it is necessary to stop the machine for maintenance before it can be used again.

Reasons why nylon cable ties are firmly tied

In ordinary life, we have a lot of things to be tied up with tapes to save our living space. So what is the secret of nylon straps having such excellent binding ability?

First of all, nylon  cable tie is made of very strict materials from Cable Ties Suppliers. It is made by injection moulding of materials approved by UL. It has excellent fire resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance. It also has very good insulation performance, and it is not easy to aging, and its endurance is quite strong.

Next is the special production process of nylon China Cable Tie. Because of the thin wall of the product, the injection process of the product is relatively large, and its mould, injection process and material are very particular. New manufacturers generally need to go through a period of time to produce qualified products. And designed to prevent loosening function, will only tie tighter and tighter, can effectively prevent bandage loosening.

Finally, the Nylon cable tie factory strict testing, all products except for special requirements, as far as possible to be bright and transparent, slightly yellowish color is not a big problem, but absolutely not black and turbid. Next, we should check the cover of the strap. If the cover is too big, the loose teeth will slip because the tooth surface of the strap and the cavity of the head are not tightly combined.

So a good product must have its good reason. After complicated and strict material selection, special manufacture and strict testing, it is very difficult to tie the nylon cable tie firmly.