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Matters needing attention in installation and usage of Waterproof Cable Connector

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Waterproof Cable Connector can be applied to the water environment, provide a safe and reliable connector joint, the most important is to achieve waterproof effect, then 3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector in the installation and use of what should be noted?

1. Choose the suitable connector material according to the type and specification of the cable connector. Now the quality of the cable connector material is uneven, but in order to ensure the quality of the PG Cable Gland, it is recommended not to seek cheap, it is better to choose the material of the reliable cable connector manufacturer.

2. It is better not to choose rainy days when connecting cables, because the water intake of cables will seriously affect the service life of cables, and even short-circuit accidents may occur.

3. Before making 3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector, we must read carefully the manufacturer's product instructions, which is particularly important for 10kV and above cables, before doing all the procedures are thought of to do.

4. PG Cable Gland of single core armored cable above 10kV, remember that only one end of the steel strip is grounded.

5. The copper tube can not be pressed too hard, as long as the pressure can be connected to the position, the copper end surface after pressing will inevitably have many bumps, this must be smoothed with a file, can not leave any burrs.

6. When using the spray lamp, the heat-shrinkable cable connector should pay attention to the movement of the spray lamp back and forth, and should not spray the lamp continuously in one direction only.

7. The dimensions of cold-shrinkable cable connectors must be strictly in accordance with the drawing instructions, especially when pulling out the support in the reserved pipe, be more careful.

3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector are special joints used in waterproof cables, which can effectively prevent moisture from entering the cable, resulting in cable failure. Therefore, the use of waterproof cable is relatively special, specially used in some places where water may be used to prevent water from infiltrating into the cable, waterproof PG Cable Gland is to ensure the normal operation of the waterproof cable.

Wires and cables areused to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information and realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy. Wires and cables in a broad sense are also referred to as cables. The total protective layer and the outer sheath. The cables may also have additional non insulated conductors.

Although the wire and cable industry is only a supporting industry, it occupies the 1/4 output value of China's electrical industry. It has a wide range of products and applications, involving power, construction, communications, manufacturing and other industries, and is closely related to all sectors of the national economy.