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Connector Selection of Powercon Plug

Promulgator : CUZEDate : 2018-12-26Views :

Connector is the electrical component connecting the electrical circuit, so the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the first consideration in selecting the connector. Correct selection and use of electrical connectors is an important aspect of ensuring circuit reliability.

1. Electrical parameter requirements: Female Powercon Connector are electrical components connecting electrical lines. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the first consideration in selecting the connector.

2. Rated voltage and current: The same voltage withstanding index of Powercon Plug, according to different use environment and safety requirements, can use different maximum operating voltage. To limit the rated current, in fact, the temperature rise inside the Female Powercon Connector should not exceed the specified value of the design. When choosing, we should pay attention to the following problems: For multi-core electrical connectors, the rated current must be reduced.

3. Installation mode and shape: The shape of terminal of Powercon Plug is changeable. Users mainly choose from the straight, curved, outer diameter of wire or cable and the fixed requirement of outer shell, volume, weight, whether or not to connect with metal hose and so on. The electrical connectors used in panel should also be selected from the aspects of beauty, shape and color.

Reasons for Good Development Prospect of Powercon Plug Market

Connectors connecting two active components are what we call Powercon Plugs. I believe that many people in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing and other industries should be familiar with connectors. After all, this directly affects the development of these industries, but also determines the performance of their products. Female Powercon Connector are mainly current-dredging, constantly in their basic performance and performance. Characteristics, or the significance of the development of the industry, the core function is to "connect" the current, so the process of industry development still regards this as the most critical development step. Therefore, how to promote the transformation and upgrading of these industries by improving the quality of Powercon Plugs has become a key related product for the development of many related industries and enterprises. Here we are simple. Introduce the reasons why the Powercon Plug market has good development prospects.

The trend of industry integration is obvious, and it is easy to stand firm at this time.

At present, many traditional enterprises producing connectors are facing fierce competition in the market. The main reason is that many production and processing enterprises of connectors are not able to achieve rapid growth in technology content. It is difficult to better meet the requirements of connector-related aspects in various industries. On the contrary, some large-scale enterprises produce connectors and manufacturers. Its own advantages are relatively concentrated resources, more human, material and financial resources are invested in scientific research, and there are some innovative achievements. These achievements are also crucial for the development of the industry. Therefore, the future market of small and medium-sized enterprises, even the nameless "workshop" production environment will be improved. Large enterprises producing Powercon Plugs will play a leading role.

Powercon Plug innovations continue to emerge

Precision die processing technology, precision stamping and precision injection moulding technology, automatic assembly technology and so on should be the three major precision connection technologies that Powercon Plugs pay more attention to at present. These technologies will help aviation plugs more adapt to the development requirements of related industries, provide product performance, and directly determine the new direction of future development of connectors and intelligent characteristics. The features of miniaturization will further highlight the function of connectors.

In a word, with the gradual increase of market scale, the proportion of Powercon Plugs will also increase. In order to better guarantee the development scale of the whole industry, it is also good to choose to use Powercon Plug with new characteristics.