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Procedures for Waterproof Cable Connectors

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Waterproof decoration is a very important issue in the process of home decoration, which not only relates to the effect of decoration, but also has a great impact on the safety of use. Cable connector waterproofing treatment is one of the most important problems. If waterproofing is not done well, it will easily cause the risk of power failure, and serious cases will cause fire. So how can waterproof treatment of cable joint be done well?

Family cable connector waterproof decoration steps:

1. Choosing good waterproofing material is the first step of waterproofing treatment for cable connectors, and it is also a very important issue. There are many professional waterproof materials on the market. The quality of these materials is different, and the models are different. When choosing these waterproofing materials, we should pay attention to the type matching, at the same time, we should also pay attention to the quality and select reliable waterproofing materials.

2. Professional installation technology is an indispensable guarantee for waterproof treatment of 2 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector. Installation of these waterproof fittings has many technical requirements, so professional workers should be invited to install, do not install at will, so it is easy to leave safety risks. When installing, attention should be paid to installing the fittings in the correct and appropriate position, so as to play its role in use, in order to play a waterproof effect.

3. To deal with the wire ends, the waterproofing treatment of 2 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector is a very meticulous work. Before installing the equipment, the wire ends should be treated, and all the exposed wire wires around them should be handled properly. Otherwise, it is easy to cause leakage. For the treatment of thread head, we should be meticulous and comprehensive, reduce the number of bare threads, and clean up the dotted lines around them.

4. It is very important to inspect the wiring head and fittings for waterproof treatment of 3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector to see if they are worn or loosened. Especially for the thread heads used by families, there may be some places where the plastic pipes have worn out, to be replaced in time, and some waterproof fittings where the screw is loose, to tighten, so as to ensure that there is no hidden danger in the use of safety.

Waterproofing treatment can reduce many problems. Waterproofing treatment of 3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector is an important work. When doing waterproofing treatment, we must check around the thread head to ensure that there are no loopholes and reduce the occurrence of dangerous situations. Waterproof treatment is not complicated, but it must be done carefully.

Water-proof steps for indoor 2 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector:

(1) Clean up dirt. First remove dust, grease and other debris on the 3 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector.
(2) Insulating tape. Unfold the waterproof insulating tape, strip off the stripping paper, and glue one end of the tape to the feeder (the coating layer is facing the feeder) at 2cm to 5cm below the joint.
(3) Uniform pulling. The bandwidth of uniform stretching tape is 3/4-1/2 of the original bandwidth, maintaining a certain tensile strength, from the bottom to the top in an overlapping manner, the upper layer of tape covered about. After winding 2 cm to 5 cm above the joint or joint clamp, winding from top to bottom in the same way, then from bottom to top, winding three layers of waterproof insulation tape.
(4) Extruding tape. After wrapping the waterproof insulating tape, the tape must be extruded by hand at the wrapping place so that there is no air gap between the layers, so as to fully bond. After wrapping the waterproof insulating tape, PVC tape should be wrapped on its outer layer to prevent wear and aging.
(5) Tensile strength. The winding of PVC tape is similar to that of waterproof insulating tape in front. The overlap rate of the tape is about 1/2. The tape is winded three layers from bottom to top, then from top to bottom and finally from bottom to top. During winding, proper tensile strength should be maintained.

By using this waterproof treatment step, leakage and power failure can be better prevented, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.