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Advantages of nylon Cable Tie

Promulgator : CUZEDate : 2018-12-17Views :

Summary of nylon cable tie: Because nylon strapping has non-toxic, light weight, excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and good corrosion resistance, it is widely used in manufacturing bearings, gears, pump blades and other parts instead of copper and other metals in machinery, chemical industry, instrumentation, electronics, automobile and other industries.

First, the advantages of nylon performance are briefly introduced.

1. High mechanical strength, good toughness, high resistance and compressive strength.
2. The fatigue resistance is outstanding, and the original mechanical strength can be maintained after repeated bending.
3. Smooth surface, small friction coefficient and wear resistance.
4. Corrosion resistance, alkali resistance and most salt liquids, but also weak acid resistance, oil, gasoline.
5. China Cable Tie is non-toxic, inert to biological erosion, and has good anti-bacterial and anti-toxic ability.
6. Heat-resistant, wide temperature range, can be used for a long time at 45-100℃, short-term heat-resistant temperature of 120-150℃.
7. China Cable Tie has excellent electrical performance and good electrical insulation.
8. Light weight, easy dyeing and forming.
9. Nylon cable ties are widely used in automotive industry, instrument housing and other products requiring impact resistance and high strength.

The application fields of China Cable Tie:

In the automotive field:
In the field of automobile, there are various kinds of bearings, gears, circular gears, cams, bevel gears and so on.

Electrical and electronic industry:
Guide plate, fan, air filter housing, radiator water chamber, brake pipe, engine hood, door handle, bearing, gear, bushing.

Oil pipeline, oil reservoir, rope, transmission belt, grinding wheel adhesive, battery box, electrical coil, cable joint rollers, pulleys, pump impellers, fan blades, oil-resistant container, shell, hose, cable sheath, shearing machine, pulley sleeve, Bullock planer slider, electromagnetic distribution valve seat, cold aging equipment, liner, bearing cage.

Plastic products made from petroleum derivative nylon 66 by injection moulding with precision moulds. The background of nylon cable tie: instead of traditional hemp rope, rubber rope and other traditional rigging, it mainly reflects the obvious advantages of convenient use, beautiful binding, low price, easy to carry operation and so on.

Nylon bandage from Cable Ties Suppliers was mainly used in the field of electronics and electrical appliances at an early stage as wiring and wiring harness tightening. With the enhancement of the efficiency of social industrialization, the application field has been gradually expanded and expanded. Wire covers almost all fields, and it is useful in all fields that need to be tied.

At the same time, in the long-term use process, nylon tie has been constantly improving its appearance and performance, and its function, which makes the application field of nylon tie have been infinitely expanded to meet the needs of all walks of life.

Nylon cable tie's specifications: Cable Ties Suppliers gradually improve the specifications to any width and length according to the user's field of use (but also limited), for users to operate more conveniently, Cable Ties Suppliers have made great efforts to optimize the efficiency of use.