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Why do plastic cable ties sell so well?

Promulgator : CUZEDate : 2018-12-14Views :

When it comes to plastic cable ties from Cable Ties Suppliers, I'm sure everyone will not feel strange. We can see the usefulness of plastic tie-ups in everyday life. For example, many companies now have a lot of telephone, computer, monitoring and other equipment. The wires of all kinds of equipment are different. If it is left on the ground, it will not only be unattractive, but also very difficult to sort out the lines. All kinds of lines are intertwined, indistinguishable and time-consuming. If we categorize the threads well and tie them together with cable ties for each specification, is it clear to people at a glance, so the benefits of cable ties can be imagined.

Seemingly insignificant things, its production is not simple, using nylon-66 high-quality raw materials, up to 94V-2 grade, good insulation. Plastic cable tie production has strict requirements on dies, manufacturing processes and materials. Usually small-scale Cable Ties Suppliers and new Cable Ties Manufacturer can not produce qualified products. It requires a long accumulation of experience to produce qualified products in the process of process improvement. Qualified plastic cable ties should be acid-resistant, not easy to aging, heavy weight bearing and easy to use.

Except for good things, proper use is also an important link. Plastic straps from Cable Ties Suppliers have the same service life as other industrial products. In harsh conditions. The quality of the cable tie should be checked regularly, and the cable tie should be replaced in time to eliminate hidden dangers. Some manufacturers sometimes add some harmful plastic additives in the production process because of the product characteristics. If the bandage is used for a long time in high temperature environment, it may release harmful irritant harmful substances to human body. We should be cautious. If discomfort occurs, we should see a doctor immediately. We often see food wrapped in plastic straps in supermarkets. In fact, this is a wrong habit. When wrapping with straps, some foods are packed as soon as they are cooked. Their temperatures are very high, and the material straps are in contact with each other, so it is easy to swell. The percolated harmful substances are immersed in food, causing harm to human body. So pay special attention to it. Don't make such a mistake again.

Why do plastic straps sell so well?

1. Plastic strapping from Cable Ties Manufacturer has the characteristics of easy and fast strapping, which is the main reason for the best sales of plastic strapping. When using the tie-up belt, only the tail teeth of the cable tie belt can be tightened through the buttonhole, and the cable tie can be tightened.

2. There are many kinds of plastic cable ties, which are suitable for the binding of various articles. The corresponding products can be selected according to different requirements. The loose cable tie can be seen from its name. It can be used many times and saves cost. Double-button cable tie can make the tied goods more stable. Brand cable tie can record and mark the first things on the sign. Fixed-head cable tie can fix the goods somewhere and not move easily.

3. The material performance of plastic strap is good, and nylon 66 is used for plastic strap. Nylon 66 material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy aging and long service life.

4. Plastic straps from Cable Ties Manufacturer are widely used in industry, agriculture, horticulture and other industries. They are mainly used for binding and fixing articles.

5. The production of plastic cable tie is simple and fast. As long as the injection machine and mould are ready, and every step of operation and some measures are well done, it will be convenient and fast for mass production. Setting up some operations can directly wait for the production of products.

6. The output of plastics is high. The output of plastics is increasing by 10% every year. The future may be even higher. There are countless plastic products in our country every year. Plastic tie-ups account for a large part of them.