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Analysis on the Use Conditions of nylon cable ties

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Analysis on the Use Conditions of Nylon cable ties

What are the best conditions for you to use nylon cable ties to increase service life and reduce usage problems? If you don't know, here are some environmental conditions for using nylon cable ties.

1. The ambient temperature of nylon cable tie should not be too high. With the gradual increase of ambient temperature, the surface of the product will turn from white to yellow, which means that the performance and life of the nylon China Cable Tie are greatly reduced. If the product is still used in such an environment, the surface will crack so that it can not be used. Storing cable ties in such an environment will also make the impact of long-term storage on nylon straps more obvious. It is better to choose the appropriate use environment to avoid waste.

2. When you do not use nylon China Cable Tie do not prevent direct contact with sunlight and rain, because these will have a certain impact on nylon cable tie. If it is not placed for a long time, the impact will not be too big. Once placed in such an environment for a long time, the impact of nylon cable tie will gradually increase, so that it can not be used. When you don't use nylon cable ties, it's better to wrap them in sealed bags, so as to ensure the service life of the product as much as possible.

3. Keep away from heat sources when you use nylon cable ties, such as heaters and devices that heat a lot of heat. Don't pull the nylon cable ties hard, but use techniques so that you can strap them well without too much effort.

Analysis of white spots in nylon cable tie

For many old users, there may be white spots in China Cable Tie (especially black bandage). So you know why there are white spots in nylon cable tie and how to prevent it?

1. Causes
The reasons for the white spots in nylon cable tie are generally the following two. The first is the white spots degraded by the additives inside the nylon cable tie after long-term placement. The other possibility is the white spots solidified by the water in the bandage. Of course, the white nylon cable tie used by everyone can not be seen even if there are white spots, but once there are white spots on the black nylon cable tie. It's very obvious, so the white nylon cable tie is not without white spots, but you can't see it at all.

2. Preventive methods
For the prevention of white spots in nylon cable tie, we can only proceed ahead of time from the production process of the Cable Ties Manufacturer. The method of "steaming cabinet wet steaming" can be well avoided in the production process of nylon cable tie. After steaming, the cable ties can be soaked and washed and then dried. After production, the nylon cable ties can basically avoid the appearance of white spots in the later period. However, considering the cost, the Cable Ties Manufacturer of nylon cable ties do not use this steaming method for the small-sized cable ties, so at present, the small-sized nylon cable ties are generally treated by natural water absorption, but in the process of natural water absorption, special attention must be paid to the proportion of water absorption (adjusting the proportion of water absorption at any time according to the environmental temperature and humidity), so this requires nylon. Cable Ties Manufacturer has rich and abundant production experience. Generally, controlling the proportion of natural water absorption of small size tie can also avoid the occurrence of white spots in later period. If the proportion of water absorption is too high, it will lead to white spots of nylon tie in a very short time (usually within a month).