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What are the main functions of cable glands?

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The main function of cable gland is to make the line unblocked, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level at the PG Cable Gland, so that it can run safely and reliably. If the seal is not good, not only will oil leak cause oil-immersed paper drying, but also moisture will intrude into the cable interior, making paper insulation performance decline.

Properties and Functions of Cable Gland

The so-called cable connector is to connect one cable to another by using cable connectors, so that these lines can be connected into a huge whole, thus playing a connecting role, so that the cable can work effectively.

According to the material of cable gland, it can be divided into metal cable gland and Plastic Cable Gland. However, metal cable glands can also be divided into anti-bending metal cable glands and porous metal cable waterproof glands, industrial cable glands, double locking metal cable waterproof glands and other common cable glands. It is like a bridge, connecting the left and right ends, it can make the cable line smooth, and the sealing effect of the cable. It can operate safely and reliably. Only then will it not be harmed and the feasibility of guaranteeing the interests will be guaranteed.

Plastic Cable Gland require high sealing effect and must meet the standard of sealing requirement. If the sealing effect is not good, it will not only be dried up by oil leak, but also make underground moisture intrude into cable interior, which will reduce the insulation performance of cable. But it also has excellent power supply, better connection lines, reducing some of the engineering site will be brought about by some of the fault points.

It adopts some whole-process mechanical fabrication in our factories, and also adopts advanced pressing technology in our country. It won't be affected unnecessarily by thermal expansion and cold contraction. To a great extent, it reduces some unsafe factors caused by human factors. Therefore, Plastic Cable Gland will have strict technology when they are manufactured. Required standards and some excellent inspection requirements strictly ensure that its safety system will not be suspected.

The connection effect of cable gland is obvious.

It's on a longer route. It is necessary to use PG Cable Gland or cable adapter box, cable length can not meet the requirements of the line. Usually the cable intermediate joint is used in short distance, but when the line is relatively long, according to the experience of more than 1000M cable line, if there are many intermediate joints in the middle of the cable, in order to ensure safety, the cable branch box will be considered for transfer.

Cable branch boxes are widely used outdoors. With the advancement of technology, the number of cable branch boxes with switches is increasing, and rural cables often use double-loop power supply mode. So some people directly call branch boxes with switches outdoor ring cabinets, but at present most of these ring cabinets can not realize distribution automation. However, manufacturers have introduced outdoor ring cabinets that can be automated distribution network. All said that the PG Cable Gland has obvious transfer effect.