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How to prevent Waterproof Cable Gland from breaking?

Promulgator : CUZEDate : 2018-12-07Views :

In the existing technology, the cable has long-term reciprocating movement, and the sheath layer is often worn. In the connection of electrical equipment and cable, the reciprocating movement of the outlet cable needs to be protected. The current cable is outside the motor without any protection device.

The recommended anti-breaking waterproof Copper Cable Gland includes a joint body, which is composed of tubular members. Each end of the tubular component is provided with external threads, the middle and outer walls of the tubular component are provided with annular convex steps, and the one end of the tubular component is provided with locking nuts. Elastic clamps and seals are arranged successively between the shape member and the locking nut. The elastic clamps, seals and tubular members are coaxial. The outer outlet of the cable through the PG Cable Gland body is covered with a bending spring.

Product advantages:

The anti-breaking waterproof Copper Cable Gland consists of joint body, shrapnel clip, locking nut, anti-bending spring, sealing element and O-ring. Both ends of the joint body have external threads. When the locking nut is rotated, the sealing element can be forced to shrink, so that the cable can be locked and sealed. The shrapnel card coil is connected with the cable shielding layer, which can play the role of shielding and guiding. When the PG Cable Gland body is tightened, the shrapnel can be compressed so that the shrapnel ring can tighten the shield layer of the cable to ensure that the electromagnetic wave generated by the cable is effectively grounded. The information will not be invalidated because of the cable shielding, and the other end of the shrapnel ring is matched with the sealing element to achieve the sealing effect. When locking the metal lock cap, it is installed. Seals on one side of the main body of the joint can seal the cable; the cable is covered with a bending-proof spring after its external outlet. When the cable is in long-term reciprocating motion due to the long-term vibration of the motor, its bending stress can be effectively absorbed, especially on the wheelside motor of the new energy industry; copper shrapnel can provide the shielding layer of the cable. Firmly imprisoned, so that the cable shielding layer will not move, and can effectively guide electromagnetic waves, play a ground shielding effect; cable connection equipment end is equipped with a special O-shaped groove, the O-shaped flat integral sealing ring is placed in the groove, when installing products, O-shaped ring is squeezed, into a vertical compression state, and the cable connection equipment end is equipped with a special O-shaped groove. Non-radial force (easy to cause distortion and failure of O-ring) meets the sealing requirements.

Among them, the bending spring is made of 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties, stamping and bending have good thermal workability, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon, no magnetic advantages; locking nuts and joint body are made of HPb59-1 brass, HPb59-l brass has good machinability. PG Cable Gland has good mechanical properties, can withstand cold and hot pressure processing, is easy to weld, and has good corrosion resistance after nickel plating on the surface. Seals and O-rings are made of silicone rubber, which has good heat resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone aging resistance and many kinds of media (hot water, acid, alkali, etc.). Alcohol has outstanding properties, such as corrosion resistance, tensile resistance, tear resistance and compression deformation.

If the cable needs long-term reciprocating movement to prevent the sheath from being worn out, the anti-breaking waterproof Copper Cable Gland can be used, and the circular spring can be added to the brass nut to prevent the cable from wearing and breaking.