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Parameters and Selection and Application of Powercon Plug

Promulgator : CUZEDate : 2018-11-28Views :

Powercon Plugs are electromechanical components that connect electrical lines. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the aviation plug itself are the first consideration in selecting the aviation plug. Correct selection and use of aviation plugs is an important aspect to ensure the reliability of the circuit.

Powercon Plug (hereinafter referred to as aviation plugs) can also be called plug sockets, which are widely used in various electrical circuits and play the role of connecting or disconnecting circuits. Improving the reliability of aviation plugs is the first responsibility of the manufacturer. However, due to the variety and wide application of aviation plugs, the correct selection of aviation plugs is also an important aspect to improve the reliability of aviation plugs. Only through the joint efforts of both manufacturer and user, can the function of aviation plug be brought into full play.

Powercon Plug have different classification methods. According to frequency, there are high-frequency aviation plugs and low-frequency aviation plugs; according to shape, there are circular connectors, according to purposes: cabinet aviation plugs, audio equipment aviation plugs, power aviation plugs, special purpose aviation plugs and so on. The selection method of low frequency aviation plug (frequency below 3MHZ) is mainly discussed below.

Classification application

Signal transmission Audio Power Connector: Signal transmission can be divided into two categories: simulation signal transmission and digital signal transmission. Whether analog or digital signal connectors, their required functions should mainly be able to protect the integrity of the transmitted voltage pulse signal, which should include the waveform of the pulse signal and its amplitude. Data signal is different from simulation signal in pulse frequency. Its pulse transmission speed determines the maximum frequency of the protected pulse. The transmission speed of data pulse is much faster than some typical simulation signals. Some pulses in the connector have reached the range of 100 billionth of a second. In today's microelectronics, the transmission speed of data pulse is close to 100 billionth of a second. In the field of technology, connectors are usually treated as wires, because the wavelength associated with such a fast-growing frequency can match the size of the connector.

When Audio Power Connector or interconnection systems such as cable assemblies are used in high-speed data signal transmission, the corresponding description of connector performance changes. It is particularly important to replace the characteristic impedance of resistors and the crosstalk in interconnected systems. Controlling the characteristic impedance of the connector has become a major trend of consciousness. Crosstalk is controlled in the cable. The reason why characteristic impedance plays such an important role in connectors is that the geometrical shape of resistors is difficult to achieve complete uniformity, and the size of connectors is very small, so the possibility of crosstalk must be minimized. In cable, the control of geometry of Audio Power Connector is easy to realize and its characteristic impedance is easy to control, but the length of cable may cause potential crosstalk.